Applications and Terms and Conditions for Season Parking

Please read these terms and conditions below carefully. By accessing and using this website, you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions below, please discontinue the use of this website.

1. Application

1.1 Application for season parking permit is subject to availability and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

1.2 Application or renewal of season parking permit shall be made through this Centralized Car Park Portal and Management System (“ CCPMS”).

1.3 All data fields in the CCPMS are to be filled accurately.

1.4 Strictly no refund of hourly parking fee incurred under any circumstances including any inaccurate information provided or late renewal.

1.5 By submitting an application through the CCPMS, the applicant shall be deemed to have:

a) declared that the particulars and information given are true and accurate;
b) consented to the collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data by us (the property owner, DBS Trustee Limited (as trustee of Mapletree Industrial Trust) (“MIT”), the manager, Mapletree Industrial Trust Management Ltd (“MITM”) and the property manager, Mapletree Facilities Services Pte Ltd (“MFS”) or its agents) in connection with the car park services including incidental purposes as may be appropriate; and
c) read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set-out herein.

1.6 The applicant shall, in a timely manner, update his/her particulars should there be any changes, via the CCPMS.

1.7 Applicant may apply up to a maximum of 3-month season parking permit. However, season parking fee paid for more than 1 month does not confirmed allocation for the entire period applied. In the event that season parking is not allocated for the month, applicant will be provided with 2 weeks’ written notice (such notice may be sent by email). In such event, the season parking fees (which have been paid for in advance) for the month not allocated would be refunded and applicant will be placed on waiting list.

1.8 Any approval of applications and fee payment shall be for full whole calendar month. Season parking will not be allocated or apportioned on a part thereof month basis except the first month of new application.

1.9 Applicants will have to furnish additional information to the MFS property management office, located within the respective MIT properties (“ PM Office”) within one week of their application if their submitted application is incomplete, or if required to or requested to do so by the PM Office. Failing which, the application will automatically be rejected.

1.10 For applicant on waiting list

a) A notification via email to the registered email address in the CCPMS will be sent to you as and when the season parking permit is available.
b) The season parking permit will automatically be withdrawn after 48 hours from the time of notification sent if no payment is received.

1.11 MIT reserves the right:

a) to reject any application without issuing any reason whatsoever;
b) to close the car park at any time without prior written notice and direct all vehicles to be parked at an alternative location if necessary (but without being under any obligation so to do).

2. Change of Vehicle / Termination / Refund

2.1. Change of Vehicle

a) Season parking permit issued is in respect of the vehicle registered by applicant in the CCPMS. Any transfer of season parking permit to persons other than the applicant is strictly not permitted.
b) Request for change of vehicle (i.e. vehicle IU number) may only be permitted:

(i) between vehicles used by the applicant;
(ii) in the instance of a purchase/lease of a new vehicle, or if the applicant's vehicle is under repair and a replacement vehicle is used; and it is subject to the sole discretion of the PM Office and the submission of supporting document required by the PM Office.

c) Request for change of vehicle may be made on the CCPMS for no more than 2 times per 12 months.
d) If approved, change of IU will take effect 2 working days after submission of all supporting documents required for processing the request.

2.2. Termination / Refund

a) Strictly no refund for any unused period within a month under any circumstances, unless provided otherwise herein.
b) Season parking permit holder may terminate their season parking permit and must do so though the CCPMS.
c) The termination will take effect on the date submitted in the CCPMS and there shall be no refunds of season parking fees for any unused period in the month in which the season parking usage is cancelled or terminated. Except full month fee (which have been paid in advance by the season parking permit holder) may be refunded where the termination is effective on the last day of a calendar month.
d) MIT may at its sole discretion terminate/recall an existing season parking permit:

(i) by giving at least one (1) month's written notice to the season parking permit holder (such notice may be sent by email), such termination to take effect from the date stated in a notice of termination. In such an event, season parking permit fees paid for in advance would be refunded in respect of any remaining period; or
(ii) immediately upon notice if any season parking permit holder is found to have contravened the car park usage terms (stated in Clause 4 below) or is otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions. In such an event, the season parking permit fee paid for any unused period of the current month will not be refunded.

3. Payment

3.1. Applicants will be directed to make payment for the season parking permit and for other services based on the permitted payment methods indicated on this website, such as when applicants have been allocated or are renewing a season parking permit.

3.2. Applicants must ensure their corporate account users authenticate and release payment promptly. Applications will be cancelled after 10 calendar days with no payment.

3.3. Season parking permit will only be activated upon payment received.

3.4. When directed to the website of MIT third party payment processor, you will be subject to terms and conditions governing the use of the third party’s service and personal information collection and retention practices. MIT shall not be responsible for any loss or harm to you resulting from your use of that third party’s service. You shall be responsible for any fees that may be charged to you by your bank in relation to any payments.

3.5. All renewal payments must be received by MIT no less than 3 working days before the expiry of the season parking permits. Season parking permit holder can make payment based on the “Notice of Payment” available in the CCPMS which will also be emailed to the address registered in the CCPMS. Upon successful payment, a valid Tax invoice can be downloaded from the CCPMS.

3.6. No walk-in application or cash payment will be entertained.

3.7. All season parking permit holders (current or new) are to make payment for renewal of season parking permits via the CCPMS in the manner as described in section 3.4.

3.8. The rates of season parking permit may be revised from time to time by MIT at its absolute discretion. Where season parking permit fees have been paid in advance, season parking permit holders shall be liable upon notice to effect top-up payments in accordance with the terms of such notice; subject however, that increases in car park fees shall not apply for existing season parking permit holders in respect of (a) the month in which holders are notified of such revision or such revision is published in the online CCPMS, and (b) the following month.

4. Usage

4.1. Car park users shall:

a) be entitled to use the car park only during its operating hours (as may be varied from time to time) and shall cause their vehicles to be vacated from the car park outside of such hours;
b) take all due care and attention, and drive safely, whilst in the car park;
c) strictly conform to and abide with all rules and regulations which may be issued by the PM Office from time to time, and with instructions and directions given by authorized staff, as well as with any authorized notices, signs or markings displayed or affixed in the car park;
d) not damage the car park (including equipment), bring any hazardous or combustible material into the car park, park their vehicle in unauthorised places, or engage in illegal, offensive or immoral activities within the car park;
e) not provide false information to MIT, MITM, MFS and the PM Office and their respective employees, agents and contractors; and
f) not resell or assign or offer for use their season parking slot
g) not carry out any major repairs or rectification to the vehicle at the parking lots, unless prior written approval by the PM Office. There shall be no washing of vehicles in the car park at all times.

4.2. MIT shall have a general lien over and the right to retain (by wheel-clamping or otherwise) vehicles as security for monies due and owing. Vehicles which are improperly parked or parked outside of designated areas, or which have caused damage to the car park or its equipment, may be wheel-clamped, and a release fee (at such rates imposed by the respective property from time to time) shall be payable by the vehicle owner for the release of the wheel-clamp. By entering into this contract, the season parking permit holder consents to the foregoing actions for himself/ herself as well as on behalf of the vehicle owner.

5. Disclaimer of liability

5.1. MIT, MITM, MFS, the PM Office and any third party service providers (including third party payment processing service providers) and their directors, employees and agents, shall not be liable for, and season parking permit holders and other car park users shall not claim against the same, in respect of any theft, loss or damage or cost or expense, of any nature, howsoever caused or incurred, whether due to or arising from their negligence, want of care, acts, omissions or default or otherwise, to or of any vehicle or the fittings or contents of any vehicle moving in and out of or parked in the car park or other personal property. Every vehicle whilst in the car park is entirely at its owner's or driver's risk. Where the vehicle used by the season parking permit holder is not owned by him/her, the owner of the vehicle shall: (a) be informed by the season parking permit holder of the terms of this disclaimer, and (b) by permitting the season parking permit holder to park the vehicle at the car park, be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the terms of this disclaimer.

6. Others terms and conditions

6.1. The terms and conditions herein may be revised, amended or supplemented, by MIT, MITM, MFS or the PM Office, without prior written notice.

6.2. These terms and conditions shall apply together with the terms contained in any notices which may be displayed at the respective car parks, save that in the event of any inconsistency with those terms, these terms and conditions shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.

6.3. In respect of season parking permit contracts entered into prior to this online CCPMS becoming operational (September 2022), the terms and conditions herein shall constitute a revised set of terms and conditions and shall accordingly supersede previous terms and conditions governing season parking permit contracts.

6.4. Nothing in the contract with the season parking permit holder creates or will be construed as creating any tenancy or conferring any interest in land upon the holder by way of lease or otherwise in the car park or any part of it.

6.5. The parties to the season parking permit contract (when entered into) would be the applicant and the property owner. MITM, MFS and its staff (including staff at the PM Office) act as authorised agents for and on behalf of MIT.

6.6. A failure by MIT to exercise or enforce any of its rights under this contract shall not constitute a waiver of any of its rights so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any subsequent time.

6.7. Except as provided for elsewhere in these terms and conditions, all matters (including disputes) in connection with this contract and the use of the car park shall be kept confidential.

6.8. The season parking permit contract shall be governed by the laws of Singapore. The season permit holder and vehicle owner agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.

6.9. MIT website's general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall additionally apply to this CCPMS.

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